Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've Decided to be Grinchy...

I've sent my last greeting card. Period.

I sent my niece a birthday card for her birthday mid-December. I've sent my brothers, nieces, and nephews birthday cards, and until a few years ago I sent Christmas cards. I also used to send the nieces and nephews Christmas and birthday folding money until I ran into a streak of unemployment about six years ago. I used to get acknowledgment of said gifts and cards from some the nieces and nephews, but in the last 20 years (or so) nothing from the brothers.

This acknowledgment no longer happens.

I received one card for my last birthday, a postcard from my insurance company (the kind where everyone signs a stack of them January 1st for the entire year). I received a couple of Facebook well wishes (thanks to those who sent one), a couple of forwarded messages from an online calender reminder system (hit the REPLY button on the email toolbar, add a comment, and be done in 20 seconds), and a phone call the following weekend from some friends in San Francisco who were driving to Reno for a holiday dinner with family.

Nothing for Christmas.

So I've quit. I'm tired of the cards going one way . I have no idea if the cards have reached their destination unless I make a point of asking the addressee directly. I don't know if the cards will be missed at all.

But I'm tired of it all. I made an effort. Now I've given up. To the greeting card industry I offer my humble apologies.