Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't Upset Your Local Computer Expert...

Do you think the password might be I_LUV_Playing_God?


Kasia said...

Might be. Might also be "I love drawing pay whilst screwing my employer in the possible commission of a felony"...

I knew a guy who pulled something like this on a smaller scale, and the FBI paid him a visit. This guy had better be a crackin' good chess player.

gemoftheocean said...

My guesses:

The password is:

1) password
2) change_on_install
3) ****manager'sName
4) kiss_my_ass
5) Jonathan
6) manager
7) ****youAndTheHorseYouRodeUpOn

Reminds me of the story Richard Feynman had about how during the manhattan project some general went through the trouble of ordering a really expensive top of the line, can not be dynamited open safe ... and years later when the govvies were trying to get rid of excess stuff, the general was long gone and they had to open it. No avail. Then they called Feynman in, because for kicks he used to crack the safes in the office ... he tried a bit, then tried the MANUFACTURERS default combo.