Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Snooty Observation on O-No's Speech...

I don't like to write about politics (as my POV is sure to raise ruckus on both sides of the aisle) but I'm PO'd with the TV News. I was watching the coverage of O-No's speech to Congress yesterday, and the networks made it look like Congress was a bunch of Jack-in-the-boxes (especially the odd couple - Pelosi & Biden, the couple from CINO), but they made the mistake of showing a view from the Speaker's rostrum which showed that the only people jumping to their feet during one of these "butt-lifting" occasions were the Cabinet members sitting in the front row; most of Congress, Asses & Trunks alike, were sitting in their seats with arms crossed. How about reporting FACTUAL, REAL, ACCURATE, NEWS folks? I'd like to know what my representatives actual actions are, so I know whether to give him/her a severance package next election

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