Sunday, March 23, 2008

From the Easter Etc. File

Happy Easter All! Some miscellaneous Easter images/thoughts:
  1. Heeee's baaaack! (Think Poltergeist)
  2. Why do female cantors always sing at the top of a soprano's range so no average congregant can possibly sing in key?
  3. Why do organists play Alleluia hymns like funeral dirges?
  4. And (for fun) what does an Internet aficionado do for exercise? He/she takes a walk around the Blog!


Adrienne said...

Our female cantor sings over her highest range so she is always sharp. Ouch!

Jen M said...

What evil is this?!?! You mean, not everyone can sing high soprano?!? I am right there with you. I am thinking of putting it into my will or my funeral plan that there will not be allowed anyone on choir with a higher range than alto.

gemoftheocean said...

Our female cantor sings high enough so that dogs start barking for miles around. I have to give her credit on being able to belt out those high notes .... but Sunday after Sunday, KILLS the Psalms. Ick.

And WHY oh WHY does our organist play the plain chant Our Father like a dirge? It's a MINOR key -- that DOESN'T MEAN someone croaked. God, help us.

Jen, I'm a true contralto. I guarantee I will mess up ANY women's choir section for you. :-D Think Bea Arthur or Ethel Merman or Carol Channing. Now if I could consistently carry a tune in a bucket....