Monday, March 17, 2008

Images of the Crucifixion

Last week, when we were praying for Tara of Loved Sinner & her daughter Cheryl, a comment by Angela M mentioned a scene from The Passion of the Christ where the Crucifixion is viewed from the Father's perspective. It reminded me of a painting by Salvador Dali I thought was called The Father's View:

The title is actually Christ of St. John of the Cross. It is my favorite Crucifixion painting, and the lesser surrealistic of Dal's two Crucifixion paintings (of which I am aware). I learned it was based upon a sketch made by St. John of the Cross of a vision he had, and I was able to find this picture of the sketch:

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Adrienne said...

That is my favorite also. I have a fairly large print of Dali's Last Supper signed by him that my aunt received when they had the opening for that painting in Washington, DC. Ok - that last was a perfectly horrible sentence but I have a screaming headache.

AA - have a Holy Easter