Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Guardian Angel Has Loaned Me This...

On a recent post the mention of “a 24 carat Gold Plated cast iron skillet 1st used on a certain apostle on his way to Damascus”, namely my guardian angel's favorite method of gaining my attention. As you can see, it has been used with some frequency. As it can only be used by angels, you may direct your guardian angel to this blog to collect it for use to your benefit

Breaking News: My angel has posted this on PhotoBucket (besides selling them on eBay) so if you want one let me know & I'll post the link!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Nominate Yourself Award


This seems to be the season for awards , and I'm not one to buck the trend. There are a number of deserving people out in the blogsphere, and you know who you are. I don't want any one of you to be overlooked, so I created this generic award. You nominate yourself for whatever categories you want, and when you have given yourself enough votes, award yourself this award. You now don't need a reason to get an award! Any reason is valid! Just enter your blog listing in the combo box so we can all come by and congradulate you!

Noticed at Easter Morning Brunch

Sunday, March 23, 2008

From the Easter Etc. File

Happy Easter All! Some miscellaneous Easter images/thoughts:
  1. Heeee's baaaack! (Think Poltergeist)
  2. Why do female cantors always sing at the top of a soprano's range so no average congregant can possibly sing in key?
  3. Why do organists play Alleluia hymns like funeral dirges?
  4. And (for fun) what does an Internet aficionado do for exercise? He/she takes a walk around the Blog!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The "A" Word is Back!

The "A" Word?

of course! Or as Mozart put it :

To All My New Brothers & Sisters in Christ

As you approach the Vigil you are probably asking yourselves, "Am I doing the right thing?" The correct answer is
Rest assured that my prayers and those of a good many saints, living and in Christ, are with you tonight. And,
Welcome to The Family!

The Sounds of Silence

Holy Saturday 2008
The theme for Holy Saturday is silence.
There should be no Sacraments today (except in emergency) until the Vigil this evening.
Today we are running around, polishing our shoes, ironing our Sunday best, cooking our Easter dinners. Those entering our Catholic family are worrying "Am I doing the right thing?" (You are.) or "What is that second question and its answer?" (Don't worry, the rest of us don't know either. Your first lesson as a Catholic, if you don't know, act as if you do.)
But consider that first Holy Saturday. Jesus's disciples were Jews. It was the Sabbath, and a particularly solemn one during Passover, so unless they went to the Temple or a synagogue they didn't go anywhere and they didn't do anything. And their Leader was gone.
Our Lady wasn't sure what was going to happen next. She knew Something was coming, and coming soon. The Indwelling Spirit within her was telling her so. So she went around encouraging the others.
Mary Magdalene was sorrowing. She was making lists in her head so that she would be ready to anoint His Body, and she was steeling herself to see her Beloved's body one last time.
Peter was in grief as well. The One who made Peter something was gone, and Peter had betrayed Him. News of Judas's end had come to them, and Peter was wondering whether if Judas had been the braver one for incurring damnation rather than living with the interior shame of betrayal. Would Peter follow Judas's act the next day? Or could the dead Jesus yet forgive him from beyond the grave?
And what of the others? What were they thinking? What was Pilate thinking? And Caiaphas? Were they planning on sending soldiers to arrest the rest of Jesus's band?
And the disciples, were they waiting for arrest the next day? (The soldiers wouldn't come today, would they? After all, it was the Sabbath). Two were planning to leave for Emmaus as soon as they could leave.
What would you be doing? How would you reflect in the long Silence. You know now the Next Scene. But pretend you don't, and ask yourself the question "What would I be thinking?" Take some time today and experience the Silence. Feel the World leaning forward in its seat, like at an Indiana Jones movie, waiting with held breath for the climax approaching. And when the Easter fire is lit tonight....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Images of the Crucifixion

Last week, when we were praying for Tara of Loved Sinner & her daughter Cheryl, a comment by Angela M mentioned a scene from The Passion of the Christ where the Crucifixion is viewed from the Father's perspective. It reminded me of a painting by Salvador Dali I thought was called The Father's View:

The title is actually Christ of St. John of the Cross. It is my favorite Crucifixion painting, and the lesser surrealistic of Dal's two Crucifixion paintings (of which I am aware). I learned it was based upon a sketch made by St. John of the Cross of a vision he had, and I was able to find this picture of the sketch:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Beg Your Pardon, God Didn't Promise You a Rose Garden

For those of you who don't get the reference:

This time of of the Catholic Calendar, this song comes to mind, especially the week before Holy Week, although I would mention that He did promise a Garden of Gethsemane. I've seen it happen year after year, and judging from the blogs I frequent its happening this year too, that for those who are at least attempting to follow a Christian way of life, the s**t is hitting the fan. I don't know if its God allowing us to participate in His Sufferings to make us become more like Him, or if its that muckraker from the nether regions of existence. I know cow manure does make good fertilizer, but does anyone know if this s**t is good for rose gardens? This inquiring mind wants to know... LOL